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Royal Balloon employs highly regarded and experienced pilots to provide a Royal class, safe and memorable flight to its passengers. Royal Balloon pilots has accumulated a total of 15000 flight hours and has flown more than 200.000 passengers in total.

Abdullah Koyuer

Royal Balloon chief pilot Abdullah (aka APO) is one of the most experienced pilot in the region with more than 2000 hours of flight. He embraces flight as lifestyle. In addition to countless flights, he also has maintenance certificates from Lindstrand and Ultramagic Balloons and he has Microlight License. Our extreme sports lover pilot, who is also interested in mountaineering, is also known for wandering on the hilly terrain of Cappadocia and enjoying the BBQ on the terrain with motocross. Another wonderful feature of Abdullah is that he has both a cat and a dog as an animal lover. Abdullah is married and has two daughters.

Tolga Eke

Tolga has experience of more than 15 years in the tourism industry who raised at Dinler Group as a tourism professional. He discovered his interest in aviation when Dinler Group was involved in the hot air ballooning business. He took his training and obtained his licence and flew over to Cappadocia.He was keen to improve himself in life and got three different degrees from three different universities; Banking, Business Management and Tourist Guidance. He is Flight Operations Manager of Royal Balloon – Cappaocia and he is a professional tourist guide. You can hear unknown fairy tales from him and discover Cappadocia. He is a master of internet technologies, social media and he even has his own blog. You can find him all around the Internet. He speaks English and he is interested in Spanish and Chinese languages nowadays.

Serkan Kalenderoğlu

Serkan was born in Erzincan and has been working in the tourism sector since 2003 after graduating from Balıkesir University Tourism and Hotel Management. He has been working as a commercial balloon pilot since 2008 and he did fly more than 2000 hours. He is currently the Maintenance Manager of Royal Balloon. He is married with two children.

Tugrul Guclu

Tugrul is one of our local pilots. He has worked in every aspect of ballooning such as ground crew, driver & chief of ground crew. He has maintenance licences of Cameron, Ultra Magic, Lindstrand and Kubicek Balloons. He is a good cook as well as a great defender of animal rights. He owns a little pet farm where he take care of many pets.

Ahmet Basyigit

Ahmet is the youngest and enthusiastic pilot of Royal Balloon. He was born in Cavusin village of Cappadocia. Right after graduation from high school, he has professionally played football for 6 years. He is currently studying tourist guidance department in Kapadokya University. He is a computer genius and enjoying web design at his free times. He has 750 hours and keep improving himself.

Kaan Demircan

Kaan is one of our senior pilot flying in Cappadocia since 2010 and has more than 1000 flight hours. He graduated in Mechanical Engineering then he was in Banking Business for a while, got rid of it and ended up in blue sklies of Cappadocia. Kaan is Goreme native, loves to provide the best and excited balloon flight experience over Cappadocia to his passengers. He has international flight experience, having flown in various countries. He is in tourism business for almost 20 years beside ballooning. He is married with 2 children. His greatest hobby is mountain biking. You might possibly meet him in the valleys of Cappadocia while biking or hiking in the daytime.

Ümit Ertosun

Student at Nevsehir Haci Bektas Veli University Tourism and Travel Faculty. Has Emergency Procedures Training Certificate and Meteorology Training Certificate from Cappadocia Vocational College. First Aid Expert licenced by Ministry of Health. ISO 9002-2008 authorized quality inspector. Certified Maintenance Technician of the balloons in Lindstrand Balloons, Ultramagic Balloons. Has been working for 9 years in ballooning and aviation. Has 1000 hours of flight experience with hot air balloons. Flown with many different brands and models. Flown in various parts of the world and Turkey.

Kemal Kaya

Double major graduate from Anadolu University Business Administration and Nevsehir University Tourism and Travel Agency. Currently getting an MBA on Ecomomics. He is certified for the maintenance of Lindstrand Balloons. 1000 hours with a hot air balloon and counting. Kemal has a passion for flight ever since he saw balloons from his office window in a fancy cave hotel where he worked as night shift manager. Great communication skills and attention to detail make him one of the best pilots in Cappadocia.

Tankut Demir

Our pilot is a graduate of Başkent University with a degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering, and he is currently pursuing his master's degree in General and Strategic Management at St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University. In his professional career, he has worked in manufacturing management and organization, automation expertise, and occupational health and safety. Being curious about every aspect of aviation since childhood, our pilot has successfully completed various simulator and DLR exams. Due to his love for Cappadocia, he settled in the region in 2016 and served as an occupational health and safety specialist in aviation activities. He also obtained his pilot license and joined the Royal Balloon family. In addition to flying, he is involved in our company's operational activities. Our pilot, who resides in the tranquil beauty of Cemil Village in Kapadokya, is also a licensed ice hockey player. He speaks fluent in English and Russian. He has an abundance of cats and dogs, and his hobbies include e-sports, digital technologies, and long walks.

Kemal Söyler

He has grown up in Göreme as a talented and young hot air balloon pilot, and continues his life in this unique geography. Kemal, originally from Akrasay-Ihlara, has successfully graduated from Nevşehir Özel Altınyıldız High School and is currently studying tourist guiding at Kapadokya University. After completing high school, Kemal decided to pursue a career as a hot air balloon pilot and obtained his pilot license in 2019 following pilot training. Our pilot, who also has experience in Pamukkale flight area, has been practicing this exciting profession in the breathtaking landscapes of Cappadocia for some time. Off-roading with his friends is a real delight for him. Kemal not only takes great joy in being a passionate pilot, but also in witnessing the beauty of nature and creating memories with his friends.

Ömür Şekeryapan

Following his graduation from university, Ömür Şekeryapan embarked on a career in the tourism industry, where he has amassed twelve years of invaluable experience. Since 2020, he has soared as a proficient pilot, mastering the skies with finesse. Fluent in both English and French, Ömür effortlessly communicates across borders, fostering connections with ease. Amidst his professional achievements, Ömür finds solace in the warmth of family life. Married and blessed with a child, he cherishes the joys of parenthood and spousal companionship, anchoring himself in the bonds of love and devotion.

Burak Has

Our young and talented pilot completed his high school education in Konya. He has been in the USA to improve his English and continuing this education in Kapadokya University on Civil Aviation and Transportation Management. He is interested in many different sports, especially in archery which he holds a national record.